Alright especially for Steve and Buck - even though Bob Roth says the TMO has a 
"modest income" let's say the Indian English newspapers got it right when they 
reported last summer that the Indian arm of the TMO alone is worth over 1 
billion, 114 million US dollars.

Now if TM and all its other programs are the royal gift and sovereign remedy 
for PTSD sufferers, at risk students and prison inmates (as well as everyone 
else in the world) why does the TMO through the David Lynch Foundation continue 
to beg the public to fund its efforts?

Why, if TM is as royal a gift as they claim does the TMO not have a dedicated 
team of 200 teachers go all over this country teaching TM to these populations 
and anyone else who wants it and fund this teaching effort themselves? 

If the TMO gave each of these 200 teachers $50,000.00 per year, plus expenses 
the total cost of salaries would be 10 million per year. Then adding in 
expenses, let's say another 5 million a year. 15 million a year total costs for 
teaching, well I don't know how many people a teacher can initiate in one day, 
but let's say 7 initiations per teacher per day.

Let's say that 150 teachers actually initiate and the other 50 have support 
roles of some kind. In one week, that would be 1,050 people per week learning 
TM, assuming one course per week being taught. Time off for the teacher for 2 
weeks per year vacation, plus no courses on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of 
July and so on. Let's postulate the teachers have 6 weeks per year off for 
vacation and holidays. 

So in one year there would be 46 courses of 1,050 people initiated for a total 
of 48,300 people learning TM every year. In the course of 10 years, there would 
be an additional 483,000 TM'ers on planet earth at a cost of 150 million 
dollars which if the funds were taken from the Indian branch of the TMO would 
leave them with nearly 1 billion dollars US.

The numbers of new initiates could be higher if 2 courses were taught per week 
or more TM teachers were paid to do it. If there was really anything to the 
idea that the mantra won't work unless there is "dakshina" or an offering of 
fruit, flowers and money, the initiates could each give 5 dollars as dakshina, 
this would fulfill the requirements of dakshina, and give the TMO teachers 
$241,500 per year to use as petty cash and help pay expenses. 

This would also mean that there would be potentially nearly half a million new 
sidhas each year in the US able to do group program together. If the TMO would 
also fund local centers and pay maybe four TM teachers per center to run 
things, have advanced lectures, checking and of course organize local group 
flying. Let's say the cost of this would equal new initiations each year, so at 
the end of 10 years the TMO would have paid out another 150 million dollars. 

This would leave the TMO with over 500 million dollars in assets (assuming the 
Indian TMO is funding things) and more than enough yogic flyers to tip the 
balance from negative energy to positive energy all over the world. If the 
Maharishi Effect is real, this would create world peace in 10 years for real.

Now tell me why the TMO doesn't do this?

My answer is several fold.

One: The TMO always existed to fund Maharishi and the Shrivastava boys. Now it 
just goes to the Shrivastava boys. 

Two: The TMO has made sure for nearly 60 years that it does not pay, it gets 

Three: Tony Nader, Bevan and all the other raja's are also clearly on the TMO 
payroll and want to get paid, not pay out.

Three: Laying out the numbers as I have here, it is clear to me that if the 
Maharishi Effect is real and verifiable, and that world peace, prosperity, 
safety and a good life for all is dependent on large numbers of people 
practicing TM and TM Sidhis program, then there can only be two conclusions one 
can logically reach which are:

Conclusion number one - the Shrivastava boys and the rajas don't give a rat's 
ass about the well being of the world - if they did care, and the TM and TM 
Sidhi Superradiance Effect is real, they should do it now.

Conclusion number two - the Shrivastava boys and the rajas know damn good and 
well the programs they claim will bring enlightenment and world peace won't do 
it, so they won't fund them to be proven liars, hucksters and frauds. 

If they keep CLAIMING it works, they can keep getting funding for what is gonna 
happen - selling futures that never arrive.

So have at it FFL!

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