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> Thank you Xeno for making me laugh my head off this morning.  Perfect way to 
> start the week.  No head (-:
> And so I forgive you with all my Pure Consciousness for not being my guru and 
> letting me be your devotee.
> Be careful though, Raviji is now calling you Uncle!  Next step is Ravi's 
> Favorite Spiritual Teacher.  Who knows what comes after that.
> Totally without the benefit of jyotish, I am joining the epidemic of 
> prediction making about the coming week:
> this is the Best Post of the Week.

Good try but no cigar :-) My vote goes to this short one posted by DrD:

Barry: "...something something stupid vindictive cunt something..."

Curtis: "<wannabe negro, wannabe negro, wannabe negro>" - sixty thousand times
in one post, and posted out last week.

These are the two that have it dialed in on TM, Maharishi, spiritual  practices,
meditation, chicks, flicks, sex, music, the arts, epistemology, enlightenment,
foreign and domestic capitals of the world, cults, spiritual teachers,
attachment, mystical experiences, and Bruce Cockburn. Basically the authorities
on Pretty Much Everything.

Makes sense to me.

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