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Sorry for the Thomistic Slip there. 
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> >
> > Robin, your response to me has not yet appeared in my inbox.  I only know 
> > of it because I saw it in one of Judy's responses which HAS appeared in my 
> > inbox.  One of God's little jests no doubt.  
> > 
> > Anyway, semi annual Dome cleaning today so I'm rushing out.  For now I'll 
> > simply say that to me you seem ironic almost all of the time.  And it does 
> > my head in.  That's why I wrote to Judy rather than to you about your 
> > recent posts.  And why I won't say thank you for replying to me.  Though 
> > I'm glad you're posting again on FFL.
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> Let me know when it does show up.
> (In this case Gd's jest surely cannot last forever--and from your post you 
> have implied it might).

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