Dear Turq, there is something dispiriting taking dreams away from people like 
this.  That someone could come from way behind [] and even win the race, 
like the 10 year old running this horse race winning  against all odds.  
Like this:
    It could happen again that TM too become culturally significant again, may 
be even against all odds.  I hope it all works and I wish them well, even the 
Prime Minister.  

[!Calidoscopio storms home from way back to win!]
-Buck in the Dome

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> Amazing witnessing the arrogance that runs through the topic of this subject. 
> I know people related to the name drops from heaven. The use of the names 
> were so prominent the users (those who named dropped for financial rewards 
> and fame, or selling something.) were so full of themselves as to keep up 
> their name dropping plateau to sell something, and were so outside of the 
> reality they stepped on the toes of relatives or walked over them, of the 
> named drops. 
> The humbleness of those who were actually family was seen in public. On the 
> other side of the curtain, family would laugh at the approach of these 
> magicians, when magicians were acting like the "keepers," of said names, 
> because blood runs deeper and continues just like everyone on the earth has 
> family they are connected to, ultimately as we all connect together as a 
> world family. 
> This whole ludicrous action is like Aunt Jemima being a real  Aunt whose face 
> is put on the bottle of corn syrup filled pancake sauce and the Grand kids 
> who knew Aunt Jemima as Grandma, were told by the keepers of the advertising 
> of Aunt Jemima's pancake syrup, that they did not see Aunt Jemima enough 
> (because she was only seen on bottles and bottles of shelved product all over 
> supermarkets, to actually know her, and the reason is because Aunt Jemima 
> became a world re-known, and was catapulted to fame by all those who hold the 
> golden goose. Poor "grand kids," and other relatives are then surgically 
> removed from the principal of the fact just to hold the next advertised 
> commercial venture brought to you by the sponsors. In reality, there was no 
> spiritual dna surgery, because you can't change that, but the god's of woo 
> woo try to say different. 
> Aunt Jemima is still Aunt Jemina. The chicken and the egg are connected. 
> Jack Lalanne can sell me a juicer anytime. It is when the vegetables start 
> selling Jack Lalanne when I will throw up my hands!   
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> > P.S. Politicians use the same strategy.
> > 
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> > They are looking for the easy target. IMPRESSIONABLE PEOPLE. Usually 
> > younger people. Remember the Beatles and the influence they had? I was 
> > sixteen when the Beatles took it up and anything the Beatles did, had to be 
> > *cool*. It may be embarrassing to us now, but it worked then, so they keep 
> > on trying the same thing, maybe it'll work again. Things can be cyclical. 
> > We're too old for that trap now but there's a whole new generation ready to 
> > fall for it, if done *right*.
> > 
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> > I honestly don't know which is sadder -- people who are impressed when they 
> > read the Subject line of this post,or those who believe *other* people 
> > would be impressed when they read it. After all these decades, why hasn't 
> > the TMO thought up a less embarrassing way to sell its products?I mean, 
> > really...
> >

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