Here is a piece of an old LA Times article that mentioned Beckley:

The get-rich-quick business is quickly getting poorer.

Consider Ed Beckley, a skinny, squeaky-voiced man with choir-boy looks who 
sells a $299 "Millionaire Maker" package of cassettes and books promising to 
teach people how to get rich buying real estate even if they are broke.

Once based near Sacramento, the former schoolteacher moved his operation in 
1984 to Fairfield, Iowa, to be closer to a university founded by his 
spiritual mentor, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the renowned Indian 
transcendental meditation guru.

Within a year, Beckley, 39, built 
the largest company in the business of distributing advice on buying 
real estate with no money down. His "Million Dollar Secrets" cable 
television program appeared in about 200 markets, his payroll grew to 
560 and the company he controls, the Beckley Group, claimed to have $40 
million in sales.

But while Beckley was telling people how to get 
rich, his Beckley Group was going broke. Deluged with more than 40,000 
refund requests from people who bought Beckley's home-study courses, the 
company ran out of money a year ago. On March 22, the company, in which Beckley 
owns an 80% stake, filed in Des Moines for protection from 
creditors under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, listing $6 
million in debts.

All but 35 of Beckley's employees have been 
fired, the program now appears in only 20 television markets and the 
company is having trouble making good on a promise made to the Iowa 
attorney general's office to refund more than $3 million still owed to 
11,000 people. That pledge followed an inquiry by the agency into 
alleged violations of state consumer laws. Donald Neiman, the Beckley 
Group's attorney, said it may take three to five years to repay those 

Here is his current website:

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> And seeing how King Tony lied to all of us, well, seems to be that the apple
> fell from the tree and didn't roll an inch.
> Edg
> I wouldn't fault King Tony for having a clandestine family so much as I
> would fault some of the other mucky-mucks for hitting on married women,
> co-eds, etc.

I never met Tony, so what do I know?... and his "little secret" was slight 
comparatively, but the concept still holds:  we were modeled unto that 
"anything goes" -- especially if you don't get caught at it.  And shame on me 
for snickering about it so many times instead of quitting the movement.

Rick, I'm out of Fairfield and don't keep up -- do you know about any others 
that could make the top-ten scoundrels list?  

My off the cuff top ten in no special order:  
1.  Dr. Bloomfield
2.  Ed Beckeley
3.  Heggy
4.  Bevvy
5.  Girish
6.  The serial rapist guy who lived in the dome house
7.  The guys who made it possible for the MUM campus murder
8.  The money launderers 
9.  The commodities company leaders
10.  Andy Rymer

See? Tony, Sri Sri, Vaughn, didn't even make the list! 



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