On 08/04/2013 09:51 AM, Richard J. Williams wrote:
>>> Everyone in Oakland, CA is under surveillance, at least
>>> they should be. Apparently one in ten people in Oakland
>>> are either crooks, murderers, drug dealers, or rapists.
> Bhairitu:
>> That's because most of them are broke and can't find work.
>> That's also coming to a place near you.
>> As people lose everything they lose it. Thank the
>> banksters for that.
> So, the terrorists have killed thousands of people world
> wide, raped and murdered hundreds of people in Oakland
> this year, but your enemy is the Bank of America.
> So, we should not be gathering any evidence about the
> crooks and terrorists or the murderers because that
> would be wrong because they are broke and out of a job.
> Go figure.

You can't figure.  Suicide is now the number one cause of death in the 
US.  Many of those suicides are from people depressed over losing their 
homes and their jobs due to the banks.  In fact probably far more than 
any "Islamic" terrorist attack on US soil including the "supposed" 
Islamic 9/11 one.

The statistics on death by suicide is known but suppressed by the MSM as 
would be the reason too (banks buy a lot of advertising on the MSM).

I have not heard of any terrorist activity in Oakland unless you include 
police activity.  Gang activity is NOT terrorist activity. Police assets 
dressing up as "anarchists" and damaging property to give anarchy a bad 
name.  This because they fear anarchism more than communism.  Why?  
Because anarchism is non-hierarchical so there can be no "elite" and the 
"elite" can't own property.  Pretty cool solution if you ask me.  Check 
out how it worked for a while in Spain in the first part of the 20th 
century.  So well that it really pissed the rich off and they supported 
fascist puppet stooge Franco.

Don't know much about history do you, sheeple Willy?

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