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> That's an interesting observation. I think he knew the power of ignorance and 
> the forces he was up against very well. He didn't underestimate the power of 
> "ignorance" but choose to focus on the task ahead. 
> He once said; "If we can't do it now someone stronger will come". Then he 
> added "But I think we will succeed" (from notes) 
> As it turned out, someone Senior than Maharishi; Maitreya and several of the 
> Masters of Wisdom did come, not beause Maharishi failed but to perpetuate and 
> widen the knowledge Maharishi brought to the world.

Hey, Nablusoss, great to hear from you; it's always a pleasure! I could be 
wrong of course, but my sense that he did underestimate it comes first from my 
memory of his constantly-revised-upwards estimates of how long it would take to 
reach C.C... And secondly from my own appreciation once Awakening that 
wholeness, Awakening, is so blatantly obvious that it would generally take only 
a whisper to show anyone what they might perchance be overlooking. While this 
has on occasion been true, more often than not it has taken far more than a 
single whisper, and more often than not has proved to be -- for now -- 
downright impossible... :-)

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