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> Didn't know he wrote fiction though, but I never liked fantasy 
> novels anyway, if I even get a sniff of a wizard I'm off - It's
> sci-fi for me if I'm feeling speculative.

Just as a question, did you ever read any of 
Roger Zelazny's Chronicles Of Amber series? 

That's got Woo, and the existence of wizards 
of a sort, but it's also got a lot of phwam!
in my opinion. 

The series started as an act of will. Roger
had caught a bad case of writer's block, and
couldn't get a damned thing to come out. So,
being a martial artists and a warrior type
himself, he set himself a task to help him
snap out of it. 

He would write a whole novel in one month.
(It usually took him six months to a year.)
The novel was to be a throw-away. He didn't
plan to do anything with it. He was using
it to inspire him to write more serious 

The result was "Nine Princes In Amber," a 
novel that went on to be the first of a 
series of ten novels that, collectively,
are Zelazny's biggest sellers. Go figure.

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