Barry stooped to the old guilt by association ad hominem fallacy.

But why would Barry want to associate Card with Harold Bloomfield? Not only was Barry's comment an irrelevant red herring, but it was downright nasty with some shades of Vaj mixed in with it. It's bad enough to equate Bloomfield's actions with your average TMer, but Card hasn't presented any suspicion that he's involved with raping any women. Barry should apologize to the entire group or leave, in my opinion.

If we all followed Barry's logic, we could associate most of the things Barry does with his teacher Fred Lenz who has been accused of some pretty nasty behavior.

On 10/31/2013 10:03 AM, wrote:

*Card wrote: *

> > How long had the Lads been TMing before they started making Sgt. Pepper?

*Barry wrote:*
> I understand that you'd like to assign their creativity to their practice of TM

*No, you don't "understand" any such thing. You're making a **guess with no basis, for the sole purpose of having an **opportunity to bash card and TMers and TM.*
*But ignoring the desperation of your need to bash:*
> but isn't what you're asking in the same
> ballpark as asking, "How long had Dr. Harold Bloomfield,
> once a 'poster boy' for the TM movement, been meditating
> before he started drugging his female patients and molesting
> them?"
> I mean, if TM is the "cause" in one case, why isn't it in the
> other?

*You were asking whether the /questions/ were in the same ballpark, not whether the answers were. Got a little lost there, din'cha?*
*There could be lots of reasons why the answers would be different, of course.*

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