You're too cute to be the guy who always sees "shit" in everything and then 
tries to convince everyone else of the fact.

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 You can call me Prairie Dog:


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   Can I mention something else that's been bugging me about FFL?
 I am Seraphita. That is Seraphita = Seraphita = Seraphita. That's the name I 
selected when registering with FFL. That's the name I always use. Simple OK?

 But we know there are a lot of people who have a sign-on name but who are also 
addressed by a familiar name. Correct me if I'm wrong but . . .
 "authfriend" = Judy
 "TurquoiseB" = Barry
 "dhamilton" = Buck

 and the Lord knows who "wgm4u" and "awoelflebater" are!

 For the sake of new arrivals to FFL and the occasional lurker could some kind 
soul list the different aliases of the posters to this site so that everyone 
knows who is saying what to whom. It would make life so much simpler.


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