Probably not a good idea to get too close to the edge. 

 The Wiki piece mentions that when the (mad) scientists decided to burn off the 
gas "expectations were that the gas would burn within days, but it is still 
burning, more than four decades after it was set on fire". Money to burn. 

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  That was a great read.  I've never heard of this "Door to Hell" before.  This 
thread reminds of an incident that happened in a different forum.  Since the 
group owner was supposedly busy, he appointed me as one of the moderators.

 So, I took the liberty of changing the group picture on the front page from 
Dore's, "The Flood", to one of Michelangelo's sibyl in the Sistine Chapel.  
When the owner found out, he went bonkers and rescinded my my moderator status 
ever since.

 But I decided to stay on the group since the picture of the sibyl is still on 
the group's front page.  Anyway, FWIW.


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 Google image search says it's this place: 

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  Is this a fake photo creation or is it real?  If real, where is this hole 

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 Speaking of synchronicity, I just received this from a non FFL buddy!



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