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> > Re [empty's statement that]: "The residual effect was that I taught
myself how to conduct my conscious mind to see into past lives.":
>  Look - if you and others could really access past-life information
you could tell the rest of us stuff that wouldn't otherwise be
explicable. The fact that you can't demonstrate such knowledge shows
that your supposed "recollection" is a construction. I mean, think about
it: if you could tell us (say) the true identity of Jack the Ripper you
would get the Nobel Prize for Physics for overturning the current
scientific paradigm.

I think you're letting your Western sensibilities lead you astray.
There *are* techniques for accessing memories of past lives,
but don't confuse them with New Age Bullshit and I-Wish-I-
Had-Been-Cleopatra-So-I'll-Claim-I-Was fantasies. Such real
techniques tend to be taught only privately to students who
can be trusted with them, and are usually preceded by a
warning similar to "Whatever you find out is likely to be
interesting, but essentially a waste of your time, because
it's all about the past. It's what you do Here And Now that
is important, and counts."

I have been exposed to such teachings, but didn't pursue them
because frankly I wasn't interested. My personal past-life
recollections always "came upon me" rather than me search-
ing for them, and they always "came" in such a spectacular
fashion that it was difficult to confuse them with fantasies
I made up or "wanted" to be true. (My flashbacks always
happened during waking state, and involved actually *seeing*
and *being part of the scene* from the past, not imagining it.

As entertainment goes, they were just great. But as far as
having any value, I think the jury is out on that. :-)

As for the Jack The Ripper thang, how could anyone's past-
life recollection shed any light on that unless they happened
to be there, and in a position to have witnessed the events?

>  Did you ever come across people who said they were a different sex
(gender) in a former life?

What I *have* come across (mainly among the New Age
(rhymes with 'sewage') is at least a dozen people who claim
to have been Cleopatra or Napoleon or someone famous.
One supposes they were "time sharing" these incarnations
with each other.  :-)

Why doesn't anyone who claims to "remember" their past
lives ever claim to have been one of the scullery maids or
janitors? Howcum they're all famous? Can you say "self
importance?" I think you can.  :-)

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