And authfriend please don't dismiss Eileen so lightly or question her motives.

You can briefly check who she is here -


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 Hi - no worries authfriend, I have no issues with discussion since I have been 
around the Amma scene for a really long time.

 The only reason I was compelled to post was because of Rick who posted what 
was nothing but an attack website from Amma org. I can shut up now :-)


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 indifferent_netizen, I don't recall having seen you or Eileen on FFL before. 
Are you here only to publicize Tredwell's book and counter criticisms of it?

 I don't have a dog in the pro/anti-Amma fight. I'm just curious, wondering if 
your presence on FFL is sort of the other side of what's been portrayed as an 
effort by the pro-Amma folks to discredit Tredwell and her book. You seem 
pretty anxious to discredit anyone here who takes a pro-Amma stance. You may 
not be doing your cause much good by insulting them, if I may say so.

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 Hi thank you Eileen for your comments.

I had a chance to read your journey and experiences at Sai Baba's ashram online 
and they were very interesting. Thank you for taking such a courageous stand 
against the pedophile Sai Baba.

Interestingly some like Rick Archer talk against Maharishi and Sai Baba and 
give an absolute free pass to Amma. Gotta protect the current cult you are in 


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 "Holy Hell" is a totally valuable book, because how often do we get an insider 
view from someone who was actually the personal assistant of such a big-name 
guru, and for two long decades? So often these gurus are two-faced hypocrites, 
presenting a smiling, benevolent persona to the general public, then changing 
into their true colors in private behind closed doors. People like Sathya Sai 
Baba (much of my two decades inside Indian ashrams were spent at his ashram in 
Puttaparthi) and Mata Amritanandamayi no doubt inspire their devotees through 
their idealistic teachings, but part of that inspiration always lines the 
guru's pockets with more wealth. 

The fact is, as revealed in Gail's book and backed by a number of others who 
were close to the 'Hugging Amma', Amritanandamayi is violent with 
uncontrollable anger and harshly beats her attendants, she has sex with some of 
her top Swamis (who control the finances of the ashram empire - and who are 
also rapists), she orders murders of various people who come in her way - 
including her own brother (several police cases were halted by the powerful 
ashram authorities), she has made her family members multimillionaires (and 
then goes on record to say she gave them nothing and it is all due to the 
success of their local fishing business!). So many details backing Gail's 
experiences in her book, are available online - including financial reports 
that show less than 10% of donations help the poor.

So many parallels between these reports and what I personally experienced in 
sai baba's ashram! They are greedy rotten apples, preying on our naive 
devotion. :-(


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