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> Just one place? Aw, how could I choose between Mesopotamia during the
heyday of Babylon and the late Mesozoic in North America? All those
Triceratops and Velociraptors! That hanging gardens! I am allowed to
take my camera right?

Actually, no, you're not. Since I made up the rules for this exercise, I
get to make up this one. You DO get to come back to the place/time you
started from. But while you're gone, no cameras, no video, no recording
devices of any kind. When you DO come back, all that you have to
convince anyone else of where/when you were and what you experienced
there is your own word, your own ability to tell the story of your

I think that's fair. That's what witnessing siddhis is like.  :-)

>  Ok, how about Israel about 40,000 years ago, we could sit on a hill
and watch the first human beings walk out of Africa. And if they're late
we could do a bit of snorkelling.

That's good, a moment worth being there for.

>  Or we could go forward a few million years and see what the human
race turns into. Or not.

I may be the guy making up the rules, but even I haven't figured out
what happens if you time-travel to another time and there's no there
there. :-)

>  And the pyramids in Egypt just after they were finished, all shiny
white limestone and a nice gold cap on top, must been rather impressive.
>  Rome during the time of Cicero.
>  See the Doors at the Whisky a go go in '67.

Been there, done that. :-) Even punched out Jim Morrison once, but that
wasn't at the Whisky.

>  Tell Van Gogh he'll be popular one day, honest.

Ha. I read your post *after* reading and replying to s3raphita's
earlier, and mentioning wanting to go back to Paris during the Belle
Epoche and be Van Gogh's patron. Synchronicity, dude.  :-)

>  Find out what stonehenge was actually for.

What if it was an ornamental outhouse?  :-)

>  But you can tell I never get hold of a time machine because I would
have gone here:

Maybe you did, but I went back later and chatted up Hawking the whole
time so he never saw you. :-)

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