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 He means 40 days afterward. He's a little overexcited at this point.

 Yes, that is why I had to put it in pink. Excitement from Ricky deserves a 
little blush.

 << > Ahh, I think Judy may have the court advantage at this point.
 > The "Ascension" is what clinched it for me. Richard?
 The Ascension came forty years later - that's when Christ went up to 
 heaven. Everyone knows that Mary Magdalene was the first person to see 
 the risen Christ at his tomb after his soul rose from the dead. Everyone 
 knows this because that's what they read in the Bible and what is taught 
 in Sunday school. >>

 Oh, OK, forty years later, that's a long time to have waited for that. Old 
Magdalene coulda been dead by then.

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