And yet you have had experiences that you would put in the spiritual category, 
IIRC.  And I think I have as well.  If I had a technique now, it would be to 
pretty much ignore those experiences if they come about, and even push back 
against them somewhat, to see if they continue to assert themselves.  And it 
has been interesting to see what sticks around, and what goes away.  Not to be 
too cryptic about it.

---In, <mjackson74@...> wrote:

 You know, I do appreciate your views on this. I too used to be a starry eyed 
TM fanatic who absolutely believed that TM was the answer to everything (even 
though it obviously was not, as I saw and ignored especially when I was living 
in Fairfield and working on staff at MIU.)
 After that I rubbed elbows with a vast number of people all of whom engaged in 
various sorts of alternative spiritual endeavors - everything from Sedona folks 
who banged on a Native American drum every time the moon showed a sliver of 
itself in the night sky, to folks who believed the "Galactics" were gonna come 
down at juuuuuuuust the right time and save us all, to the wiccans most of whom 
have no idea where wicca actually comes from, to people who claim to have the 
inside track to God, to those who are determined warriors on the war path with 
all things tech and money based and on and on. 
 If only I had known about UG Krishnamurti in those days a talk or two from him 
might have saved me a lot of time.
 These days I feel that about 90% of all this new agey spiritual doings is 
about as much use as tits on a bo' hawg. That is southern slang for a male hog, 
a boar.
 Not that there is not some use in what all spiritually minded folks do but 
most of it just seems designed, albeit unconsciously, just to make us feel 
better. And that is all it does, it makes us feel better emotionally, even 
though our lives suck. And what better way to feel better than to believe our 
very special and wonderful chosen path will lead to some sort of salvation for 
all humanity. 
 Its good to feel good, but when I see that most of the practitioners of all 
this new agey stuff are STILL unhappy, still unhealthy, still un-wealthy and 
still having crappy relationships, I see that even with the practices, beliefs, 
icons and things and people to follow it doesn't seem to do the trick except 
that we fool ourselves into believing if we stay on the path, we will 
eventually get to where we want to be (really happy).
 As Edg would say "Bah!"
 On Fri, 1/10/14, steve.sundur@... mailto:steve.sundur@... <steve.sundur@... 
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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] RE: "If Another Country Was Doing This To Our 
Kids, Wed Be At War"
 Date: Friday, January 10, 2014, 3:24 AM
 Thanks for your comments.  (I wish I could
 still do the interspersing)
 I've been reflecting on
 how my outlook has changed over time.  
 From being an energetic foot
 soldier in Maharishi's Army confident I could change the
 world, to having now a much more sober vision of how things
 really are.  And I thank God for that more sober
 And although I'm afraid
 to say that the opposing forces, broadly defined as
 materialism, are going to prevail, there are still going to
 be many inroads made by those of a more spiritual
 On 01/08/2014 06:51 PM, steve.sundur@...
 I listened to several
 interviews with this guy.
 Among the things he
 writes about is that income disparity is
 pretty much
 here to stay.  But instead of 1% and
 the rest, it is
 more likely to be about 15% who have
 resources, with
 most everyone else just scraping
 Indeed lots of people I talk to are just scrapping
 by.  A lot of
 people are too proud to admit it though. You have to pry
 to find what their case is.  A lot of the
 unemployed are highly
 educated and have a lot of experience. 
 People's futures have been
 stolen and they should not be depressed, they should be
 He also points out,
 (either correctly or incorrectly) that the
 catalyst for
 social upheavals in the past was because
 people did not
 have enough to eat, and that is not likely
 to be the
 case now.
 The riots in Spain and Greece are do to people not being
 able to
 afford food.  Do you do the grocery shopping in the
 family?  Have
 you notice food prices going up faster than the rate of
 Or food packages getting smaller but still the same
 price?  Or the
 ingredients in something now are cheaper or more fillers
 than when
 you bought the product several years ago?
 Also, technology, being
 so accessible, is able to provide enough
 comfort and
 satisfaction so that people will be okay
 with a lower
 standard of living.
 The last time the US economy was in balance was in the
 1970s.  After
 that it started going wacko.  Much of the
 "prosperity" of the
 country was based on credit and people tricked into
 buying things
 they really didn't need.  It's like there
 was a scheme to put
 everyone in debt.
 Yes, technology is one thing that has gotten
 cheaper.  But people
 don't need to be activists 24/7 so some recreation
 is fine.  A lot
 of folks wanted to downsize too as they got older but it
 has been
 difficult to sell their homes and renting something
 smaller often
 costs as much as the mortgage they are already
 paying.  It's crazy.
 thing said is that stats will continue to
 drive most
 decisions.  Just as in sports stats
 have become dominant
 in measuring every nuance, this will
 continue in one's
 personal life, determining credit
 worthiness, and into
 areas not yet so affected in this
 And a lot of stats aren't at all, many stats are
 propaganda.  Be
 sure to consider the source. 

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