On 10/10/05 3:28 PM, "anonymousff" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> Interesting point.
>> It's different though as we approach Unity and the "extinction of all
>> phenomenon". There's actually a yogic saying on this which states
>> "Ascend with Conduct, Descend with the View." In other words, as your
>> consciousness begins to assume the POV of Unity and begins to exhaust
>> all it's karma, one's conduct--in terms of the karmic imprints one
>> makes and the quality of ones actions--must be exemplary--so the
>> conduct must rise. If you can do that, you will exhaust all karmic
>> potentials.
> I once believed that but I no longer do.
> To me all the whole sheband now means is that whoever you are, however
> you act, as you become increasingly free from the binding influence of
> action, you become increasingly free from the binding influence of action.
> How that plays out is totally individual and all else is mere
> moodmaking about the state.
> How many TMers adopted a lifestyle commensurate with higher states of
> consciousness only to have the whole thing backfire on them? Some seem
> to naturally beome nicer people that is until someone cuts them off
> while driving, or when they bang their thumb with a hammer.

The fine points here are "quality" and "exemplary"--as if one has acquired
the state of Unity and can carry it in all actions then one can perform any
action. However there is such a thing as ³losing the Action in the View².
Not all spontaneity is enlightened spontaneity.

Life is in the details--as a tantric Buddha once said " Though my View is as
spacious as the sky, my actions and respect for cause and effect are as fine
as grains of flour."

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