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> > > Even more key, it seems to me, is Krishna's
> > > assertion, "Unfathomable is the course of action."
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> > > We can, however, keep in the back of the mind the
> > > recognition that we *could* be wrong in our
> > > evaluation.  We just have no way of knowing.
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> > Nicely put Judy, I meant to bring up this verse in one of my posts
> > on this topic. Is it chapter 4, verse 17 or verse 38?
> 4:17--
> Action, indeed, should be understood,
> wrong action should also be understood,
> and inaction should be understood as well.
> Unfathomable is the course of action.
> MMY comments, in part:
> "The Lord has said that knowledge of action is
> necessary and yet, the course of action being
> unfathomable, knowledge of it must remain
> incomplete.  

That knoweldge of action is incomplete, not totally absent, is a huge
point many appear to miss. Time and time again "Unfathomable is the
course of action" is trotted out to claim that we can have no
knowledge of the effects of our actions. Such nonesense.

We can have a reasonable and useful level of such knowlede. And with
various abilities refined, some may have quite a bit of on-target 

The point is, there is always going to be an "error term", just as
statistical models all have error terms. They might explain 60% or 90%
of the fluctuations of some phenomenon, but not all of it. There are
always some unexplained influences and effects. That does not mean
that such models are useless. Quite the contrary. In a similar
fashion, humans can know some efect of acions. In some caes quite a
bit of the effect. 

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