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the Stephen Collins incidents are 20 to 40 years ago, so he definitely could have grown quite a large banana with TM long since. Also we don't really know the truth from a therapy session tape, as any man who has been married could well imagine what weird things you might say, for whatever reason, especially an actor or other creative person, when at odds with the aggrieved female mind.

Oh My God. There really IS such a thing as a TM True Believer so lost in his Believerism that he's willing to try to distract from child molestation by invoking misogyny.
/OMG! Some people will use any tragedy if they think it will help them win a religious debate. Go figure./

For the record, "srijau," the problem is NOT with how large Stephen Collins' banana is, but where he chose to stick it (an underaged girl), and the fact that his efforts for the David Lynch Foundation gave him unfettered access to hundreds of similarly-aged girls. Even "male minds" should be able to get that.

transitive verb:
1. to excite pleasurably :  arouse by stimulation

intransitive verb:
1. to act as a stimulant to pleasurable excitement

    "a film made to titillate the audience."
    "writing that titillates and provokes."

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