--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "dhamiltony2k5" 
> >MMY's
> > biggest mistake was, is, and always will be, the Siddhi's program!
> >
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "sparaig" wrote:
> >
> Unless you happen to find the Siddhis program of personal use, of
> course...
> Yeah, on my siddhi course w/MMY at the end there was this 
> for people to receive advanced TM techniques from MMY before they 
> went home.  He laughed derisively at this and said, "i have just 
> given you the key to the universe and you want advanced techniques?"
> On that course he gave these great lectures about the patanjali 
> Sutras and the siddhis.  Really great understanding about how you 
> the siddhis in form.  In the sequence of things i am glad he came 
> along with this back then.  
> You can use the form of Patanjali to all kinds of good end with any 
> of the maha vedic mantras or just simple spiritual practice.   The 
> same kind of patanjalaic description for how you can meditate is 
> taught with Karunamayi also.  It is not like Patanjali is 
> or MMY taught anything new.  He definitely packaged it.  
> As for the long decline, it was very much in his hands as he 
> dismantled the teaching organization back in 1977 that had become 
> effective to that point.  He (MMY) made the decision to supplant 
> whole thing with the chaos of the returning vedic atoms from those 
> early TM-siddhi 'governor training' courses (mid & late 70's).  It 
> was a monumental decision which was very human and all his.  I was 
> there and watched him do it.  It was pretty clearly a whim that was 
> a bad administrative choice of his.  Yes, he traded the old TMorg 
> a teaching org. for a series of cash cows of what then became the 
> intervening years of the TMorg.  From then it really became about 
> real estate and profit-centers for him.  The great teacher?
> Jai Guru Dev,  -Doug

But look at the numbers. In its heyday, the TMO was teaching perhaps 
a million people a year. That figure wasn't going to last, given the 
competition from the relaxation response and other meditation 
techniques. Even if it had, if you believe the original 1% ME figure, 
you would need to teach 60 million people TM who would be STILL 
PRACTICING for the TMO to have a permanent, long-term effect. That 
would have taken many decades of work to attain --at least 60 to 10o 
years if everyone was a TBer, and more like a 2or 3 centuries or so 

Now, with the sqrt of 1% effect, this time-period would be shortened 
to a period of a year or two as soon as the money was collected and 
the facilities built.

While you can argue that the decision to go for the sqrt ME effect 
with the inherent greed factor of trying to collect 100's of millions 
or even billionsof dollars, has destroyed the TMO (I'm not convinced 
of that yet), you can't aruge that it would take many decades to 
centuries to attain the same theoretical effect by going the way 
things were going in the mid-70's.

To believe that the TMO would survive past MMY's life long enough to 
teach 60-300 million people is at least as optimistic as believing 
that the TMO may yet attain its current goals, which are more 
workable, on their face.

And that 60-300 million required is the BEST-CASE scenario. With a 
90% attrition rate, it might really be impossible to teach enough 
people so that 1% of the world's population would be practicing TM on 
a regular basis.

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