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Do you have any documentary evidence for that claim? I know there is a list of people who get called if a major discovery is made but the government aren't on it but I doubt the government could keep it quiet even if they wanted to. The biggest worry when announcing a discovery of alien life is if they get it wrong and it turns out to be a non-intelligent natural phenomena like pulsars or something strange like that.

I'm surprised that you, being such a scientist, was not aware of this document which NASA commissioned the Brookings Institute to do.


I suppose whoever the astronomer royal is will get a nod and inform the government but the church will have to just cope somehow, it isn't like the old days when people really believed them ahead of the scientists and to remain credible they've had to go back on so much of the dogma there isn't much left for their gods to do anyway. The Muslims seem unreformed enough that they might find it hard to cope that they aren't anything special in god's eyes.

If a message from the stars is received I'd be tempted to sit on it until it's decoded to see if it's a threat, "We'll be their in five of your Earth years. Be afraid." Is the sort of thing that you might want a contingency plan for. I can't see the government doing anything other than fuck it all up though. Unless we get the slick and sophisticated shadow government involved, if they can bring down the WTC without anyone noticing they might just be good enough ;-)

This video might help with your paranoia of "conspiracy theories". :-D


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However NASA was advised at the beginning of our space age to be careful if they discover any evidence of intelligent life especially things like alien space craft or outposts. So don't count on hearing from them any time soon about anything they find along that line or have already found. The fear is it would cause upheaval from religious institutions who believe that some magic man in the sky invented things just 6000 years ago.

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    Not a very good source of information here. NASA indeed thinks
    that life could have originated on Mars in the past, and possibly
    still exists today, but it would be micro-organisms, like
    bacteria. Temperatures on Mars range from  about 20°C to below
    -100°C, averaging somewhere in the neighbourhood of -40°C most of
    the time. It is a frozen desert now. The life they expect they
    could find would be something like the micro-organisms found in
    the dry valleys in Antarctica, which live inside of rocks
    slightly beneath the rock's exterior surfaces. More likely, were
    signs of life to be found, it would be fossil evidence of life
    from the distant past when Mars had more atmosphere and surface

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    The NASA chief recently stated that there may be life forms that
    exist on Mars today.  Here's the link:


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