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    Do you have any documentary evidence for that claim? I know there
    is a list of people who get called if a major discovery is made
    but the government aren't on it but I doubt the government could
    keep it quiet even if they wanted to. The biggest worry when
    announcing a discovery of alien life is if they get it wrong and
    it turns out to be a non-intelligent natural phenomena like
    pulsars or something strange like that.

    I'm surprised that you, being such a scientist, was not aware of
    this document which NASA commissioned the Brookings Institute to do.

    What would me being a scientist have to do with whether or not I
    know about a document from the 1960s about preparations for
    changes in society due to space exploration?

    Besides, there isn't anything in there about what we are talking
    about. I did find this:

    "Certain potential products or consequences of space activities
    imply such a high degree of change in world conditions that it
    would be unprofitable within the purview of this report to propose
    research on them. Examples include a controlled thermonuclear
    fusion rocket power source and face-to-face meetings with

    There is certainly nothing else in the index, perhaps you could
    point me to any relevant page to save me reading it all.

Well gee, I thought a man of letters like you would have wanted to read the whole thing. Google is your friend (though not too friendly to Android developers these days) so here:


And don't forget this video to help with your phobia:



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