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        And don't forget this video to help with your phobia:


            I've been googling for this "hard scientific evidence"
            she talks about. No luck yet. I'm sure the truth is out

    It is and you don't have to try that hard.  You just don't want to
    find it.

    My guess is she means something different than I do when she says
    "hard evidence". Theories about them having to have used nuclear
    bombs to bring down two of the three WTC buildings does not
    qualify, for instance.

You might try the architects and engineers site about 9/11. You must have not watched the whole video because "hard evidence" was covered in terms of where to find it. But then it's useless for me to argue with you because if I said 2+2=4 you would argue it doesn't. But my current transits show that people will disagree with me but just for a few more days. ;-)

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