hey, you are doing a good job, (in your mind, at least)  if that is your goal. 

 the thought occurred to me, MJ, that you, like others, may have had the 
situation where the battery on your cell phone seems to run out of juice too 
soon.  You check it out, and find that you have too many apps or features 
running which use up all the power.

 so, sure, you've elected to make this mission one of your life goals.  The 
question might be, what is it taking time from?

 this of course is unlike Barry who has indicated he writes his posts at 
lightning speed, never proof reads and spends maybe five or ten minutes a day 

 To which I say, really?

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 part of what I do with my life is tell the unvarnished truth about liar Marshy 
and his cons, rather than whitewash and sugar coat the facts about who and what 
he was and what his very unpleasant legacy is.


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   This great teacher continues to form so much of the subject matter, here on 
FFL. All of us, spread around the globe, and yet, united, through our 
association with Maharishi, and the myriad knowledge he brought out.

 It is so easy to judge a global public figure. Some go at it, as an exercise 
in compensation, for their own failings, and others to confirm their own set of 
beliefs. I find it amazing, his reach and influence on all of us. Some of us 
got off the train early, perhaps fearful of the universal momentum that 
Maharishi engendered in each of us, and its ability to mechanically dissolve 
any boundaries.
 My wife has remarked before, that feelings come first, and the story follows. 
So it is, if we are always hungry for something, and grasping for whatever it 
may be. Easy, then, to turn on a public figure, meticulously examining 
Maharishi's life, even ten years after his passing, for any information, that 
may be used to point a finger, away from the lack, the gnawing, inside us, and 
towards him. This public figure, with global influence. Make Maharishi the 
target, not in any meaningful, or organized way, but simply to deal with the 
inner feelings of discontent. 

 There is nothing expressed here, about Maharishi, that has not already been 
examined, to death.  And yet, there are a few, who must persist, in their 
"critical, life changing, important and ever fresh", insults of the man and his 
work, lest they one day, turn such a critical eye on themselves. My question to 
them, is simply this, "Life is precious; WTF are you doing with yours?"



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