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The Siddhis are the logic consequence out of TM. Look into the Samyama-principle: Dharana ("fixing"), dhyana ("gliding") and samadhi ("landing"). These three parameters (always) form the natural movement of the mind. The result is "concentrating" (ekagrata parinama). In TM you start with fixing the mantra in a repetitive manner. The emphasis is on dharana. Due to the three-guna principle the result is samadhi. In the siddhis the fixing aspect is being put into the back-ground. Emphasis is on dhyana ("coming back to the simplest form of awareness" -= siddhi-instruction). By this you pass through samadhi and end up in dharana (fixation = manifestation). This is pure applicable science of mind.

Siddhis, attainment of powers of all kinds, is a great
temptation in the life of an initiate. The danger in the pursuit of
siddhis is twofold:

1. At the slightest appearance of some hunch or some prediction coming through, and so forth, one begins to imagine himself as a siddha, an adept.

2. One becomes tied down to the desires for such powers and dreams of subtle ego. One might say, "Oh, if only 1 had the power to read others' minds I could help many more students." But deep inside the sub-conscious, there lurks the impurity which would not help the students but simply invade the privacy of their minds and derive from these invasions certain vicarious pleasures. Or one thinks, "If only 1 could predict which horse would win the lottery I could help my guru financially." One day I asked Swamiji,

"Why do you have to ask for funds! Why do you not simply buy a lottery ticket on a horse you know would win?" He told me quite sternly, "Don't you even think of that. Work honestly with your body. Work honestly to pay your karma and do not look or such easy ways out."

If one finds that special experiences or powers are coming one's way, the injunction is to conceal them carefully and not make your meditation group into a gossip club, every one vying with each other, everyone saying, "wait till you hear my experience!" The siddhis are not in fact any kind of attainments in the sense that they are additions to one's personality. According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, they are simply the unblocking of power. As one advances on the path of meditation one begins to sense the presence of these faculties within. There is a great temptation to sit by the wayside watching this beautiful scenery of siddhis and if one does not resist, the path and the goal are forgotten. The recent trend in certain meditation circles to popularize siddhis and to sell them for a certain fee, is highly frowned upon by the masters of the Himalayas.

  -Pundit Usharbudh Arya, lineal holder of Patanjali YS tradition and expert on the practice and commentaries.



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