Most likely he's a Governor - they don't wanna besmirch the Movement too much 
by association. And I bet last time he was in town, he ripped off Bevan, maybe 
James Beddinger and possibly the University itself. Nothing like the anger of a 
bunch of cons when they get conned themselves. 

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From:MUM Human Resource Office 
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 2:52 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Community Alert!
 Dear Members of our M.U.M. and Fairfield Community,

We know you are a bunch of suckers, so
We wanted to alert you that an individual has returned to Fairfield who has 
caused serious financial harm to members of our local community, and to others 
across the nation.
 If someone you do not personally know very well presents a financial 
opportunity based on the premise that vast sums of money are about to arrive, 
or any similar scheme that promises returns that sound too good to be true, 
please walk away and report such suspicious behavior to M.U.M. Campus Safety 
Director James Bedinger (641-919-7992) and to the Fairfield Police Dept. 

It's hard to tell I know, but this warning is not referring to the yagya 
programme or any Maharishi health technologies.

 It is unfortunate that many intelligent and sincere people in our Fairfield 
and TM community have suffered financial loss as a result of this seductive and 
dangerous individual.

Refunds not given for any failed nature support or lack of improved cognitive 
reasoning and intelligence.
Caution is advised.  We are exploring with the Police what additional 
protective options may be available.
James Bedinger
Maharishi University of Management
Campus Safety/Security Director
 Seriously, why don't they just print the guys name? He sounds like a 
fiendishly smooth operator. 

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