Yes, it is great fun! I simply act as if they are doing parodies of themselves, 
and play along! I can't help it if they take it seriously. :-) 
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 lol - Oh, I see, it was the three of us, that finally turned you, eh? Before 
that, you were happily spreading Maharishi Vedic Honey on your organic scones, 
from the brahmastan of your Sthapatya Ved house, and then, after you read my 
post...knife clatters to the floor, honey jar overturns (in slo-mo) - all the 
blood drains from your face, thoughts cascading through your heating brain, 
chief among them, "Holy Shit, These Guys Give The Movement A Bad Name!"

 sorry about that...won't happen again...hope you can claw your way back to 

 Jai Guru Dev
 J. Edgar Hoover
 John Philip Sousa

 I think after this post that there could not be a soul on this planet (or at 
least on this forum) that could accuse you and all of us "apologists" of not 
having a great time with all of this. I mean, you are just having so much fun 
posting this but my pleasure in reading it is pretty sweet too. So clever you 
are. And to think the fodder for your creativity is MJ. Love it. (I wonder if 
Share will think I am bullying MJ by liking this post of yours. Hmmm.) But just 
so I make myself clear, I am not laughing at MJ I am thoroughly enjoying your 



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