The originating IP address is a LISCO IP, so Fairfield, presumably.

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 Ok, Fleetwood, that got me laughing out loud, thank you. Whence cometh these 


 On Friday, October 17, 2014 1:50 PM, " 
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   "Al", Does your mom know you are using her PC? I wouldn't want you to get 

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 I know...I am using scotch-tape, to tape my mouth into a frown, so I fit in 
better...drew some wrinkles on my forehead, with a sharpie, too.

 You obviously won't have to worry about wrinkles, not with your issues with 
fat, you disgusting, ungainly piece of shit. Then again, you probably won't 
have to worry about old age either!   How does it feel to be so ungodly fat you 
can barely move, blimp-boy?  Taken a look in the mirror lately? How many chins 
you got these days? 


 Oh, and BTW, Ann and I are having a grand ol' time talking about you.  I won't 
repeat what she said here, but she only communicates with you out of pity for 
you or spite for others.  She and I both wonder how anyone stands you.  Can't 
tell you how many times she's compared you with her horses!  (And guess who 
comes out better?  Think REAL hard now, shit-head...) And we BOTH know the real 
reason you're moving around like a fuckin' gypsy is because you got caught 
downloading under-age porn, and the cops are after you.  Admit it, you're in 
shit deeper and smellier than a cow's turd.  Which would be a good description 
of you, if you weren't such a creep and I didn't want to insult cows.  Do 
yourself a big favor and get some help, you ugly piece of garbage.    Your 
buddy, Al


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