These relatively small caches of weapons are not what Bush and that other 
moron, used to justify the slaughter of hundreds of thousands, in Iraq.   
 Remember, Richard, it was the scare tactic of mentioning, "The Mushroom 
Cloud". Bush and his cronies deliberately used the specter of nuclear war to 
get us into Iraq. Just because the NYT and Wash Post have now tried to revise 
history, doesn't make it true. 

 It was a deliberate, and still unsubstantiated LIE. No WMDs exist in Iraq, and 
they never have, unless the US has now transported them there. 
---In, <punditster@...> wrote :

 "No weapons of mass destruction have been found." - Judy Stein
 "Judy - I think maybe you lied to yourself too. Before the invasion, did you 
post any statements expressing any doubts that Saddam had WMD? If you did, 
maybe I missed it. Both The Times and The Post published editorials supporting 
the claim that Saddam had WMD. But it seems to me that it was a given, by 
everyone, except maybe Scott Ritter - including both Democrats and Republicans 
- Blix, the U.N., France, Germany, Great Britain, and U.S.A. etc., that Saddam 
had WMD, and everyone apparently agreed." - Richard J. Williams, 2003
 On 10/17/2014 6:47 PM, emptybill@... mailto:emptybill@... [FairfieldLife] 

   Remember how W. and Chaney "lied" because there "never" were WMD's in Iraq? 
Heh Heh. 

 There are stockpiles of WMD all over the Iraq countryside now in the 
possession of ISIS. 
 Didn't you read the NYT article? They found over 5000 individual bombs and 
artillery shells with mustard gas and sarin gas. They were NOT all found much 
less destroyed before Barack Hussein Ebola ordered US troops out of the 
 Anbar provice is still full of undocumented caches of these supplies. ISIS 
rules most of Anbar, so they may try to use these WMD to strike Baghdad. 
 After all - this is what you get from a neo-marxist.


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