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Atheists do not have to define what they do not believe in. They take the 
definitions from the believers and find them wanting. Yours included, to the 
degree that you have spelled out what it is. 

As usual, Curtis, I am in awe of your ability to interface with idiots as if 
they were actually worth the time. I keep getting stuck on the "idiot" part. To 
me, if a person believes in astrology, God, and the Maharishi Effect, that's 
kinda like the Trifecta of Idiocy. You can't actually become much more of a 
loser than that.

M: Well to be fair, there is nothing I have read hear (Nabbie included) that I 
didn't wholeheartedly embrace at one time in my life. I don't think of my past 
self as being an idiot, just a practicer of fallacious reasoning. I was just 
wrong about almost everything I believed. Simply and earnestly wrong.

Kinda humbling really.

I guess you're right about that. I had left the TM movement before they started 
all the "Maharishi Effect" crap, so I didn't have a chance to buy into that, 
but I definitely spent money on astrologers once. I never really had any 
feeling for the existence of a "God," either, but I "played the game" by using 
that terminology when it was called for in TM talks. 

But I definitely did and believed a bunch of things that qualified me as an 
idiot back in the day, so I should try to remember them when dealing with those 
who are still living in those mindstates. 

That would be more compassionate, after all. It's just that there is so little 
PAYOFF in dealing with people who still believe these things. They just go 
round in circles and then come back to the very things they started with. Their 
thinking seems to be as non-rigorous as it is circular. 

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