I don't believe in the God, that the atheists don't believe in, either. Who the 
fuck would want to? Theirs is a cultural God, or philosophical God, or logical 
God. The atheists must define, that which they do not believe in, and I agree, 
I do not believe in any of the Gods or gods, that they do not believe in, too.  

 The God I know, is unknown to them, they cannot define the God I know, and 
wouldn't have a clue where to begin. Now, THAT'S funny.
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 As it is with most of us Ann.  Even when there is a scientific explanation 
behind it. 

 And there is a sliding scale among everyone here of the belief in God. 

 Barry, of course believes in most of the tenants of theism, but just doesn't 
use the word "God"

 He prefers the word "Intelligence" so he can get a card that states, "I am a 

 He treasures that card, because it goes along with his self proclaimed label 
as, "rebel".

 But scratch beneath the surface, and he'd have some explaining to do.

 But don't expect him to be pressed by anyone in his clique.

 Oh, gawd, no.

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 Everything is a mystery. What people think and why they think it is 
mysterious. How I can put one foot in front of the other is a mystery, even if 
someone thinks they can explain the mechanics of it there remain at least 50 
mysteries within that act alone. The biggest mystery being what is motivating 
the desire to put one foot in front of the other. My life is nothing but 
mystery, I have enough mystery to keep me busy for 1000 lifetimes so don't 
start claiming that those who have opinions about something lack the capacity 
to embrace mystery because to do so is to fall into the very trap you are 
claiming others are already floundering in. I mean, you're the guy who requires 
the rigid scientific methods to strip down every mystery. You're the one who 
can't seem to abide something if it isn't clearly documented and disassembled 
right down to the boring nitty gritty. So don't talk to me about "mystery".



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