salyavin, again what I notice is that as transparency increases, so too do the 
attempts to squelch it. But fortunately some of these movements are like giant 
snowballs rolling down a snowy mountain. Ain't nothing gonna stop them!

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salyavin, he actually commented that dissent is good and increased transparency 
is good. So those are also wins. Just to be really picky wicky (-:

You kind of remind me of something my youngest sister said to me back in 2002 
when I was leaving MUM campus. She asked why I didn't stay in the TMO and 
change from there. Now, 12 years later, I think I know why. I needed to become 
the change I want to see. My guess is Pope Francis is already highly developed 
and so can change
from inside the org.

What is the current jail term for trolling?

6 months, if you are really naughty to someone famous and the subsequent story 
hits the press. The government like to appear like they are doing something 
useful even though we've already got harassment and abusive behaviour laws.

Inventing new crimes for these reasons never ends well, our anti-terrorism laws 
are vague enough that the police can arrest you for just about anything and 
hold you without charge for 36 hours, should they want to. This has been used 
on environmental protesters and a comedian who was about to give a talk on the 
arms trade. Hardly the intended targets but handy for the government. 

What I see here is a new way of controlling free speech about to get put on the 
statute books without anyone noticing. I believe the term is crisis capitalism, 
make the most out of something bad and tell everyone it's for their own good.

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Not your headline, salyavin, The Guardian's, calling Pope Francis a loser. wrt 
your Subject line, I like that it highlights empathy. But the lack is in many 
of the bishops, not in the Pope. I think he's a ray of light in the Catholic 
Church. We'll see if the ray brings along other rays (-:

Oh good. But he did lose the vote so that makes him a loser in this case, and 
being stuck in a hideous organisation like the Catholic church doesn't help him 
in the slightest as far as I'm concerned (all that guilt and blood drinking). 

If he wants to fight their bigotry he should leave and campaign for equality 
from the outside. But being a pope he's probably unlikely to do that, so slow 
change from within is a better bet. Bring on the rays, the dawn starts with 
just one if I remember correctly. But it must be weird living philosophically 
so far back in the middle ages all the time, I can't imagine it. They've got so 
much catching up to do, I suppose we should be thankful that they are even 
talking about joining the 21st century.

BTW the green figure in the bottom right of the cartoon is a troll. The UK is 
thinking about quadrupling the jail term for "offensive internet trolling" 
making it up to 2 years! 

Another fine bit of public relations driven law making that's destined to be 
abused by whoever is in power. 

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Thanks, salyavin, good article. But I think the headline is pretty dumb. If one 
reads the Pope Francis' quote, it's obvious he's a winner. What the situation 
says to me is that wherever light is strongest, in this case Pope Francis, 
there too will the dark be strongest, in this case the bishops. 

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Catholic bishops veto gay-friendly statements leaving Pope Francis the loser

      Catholic bishops veto gay-friendly statements leaving... 
Final report of Roman Catholic extraordinary synod on the family
removes talk of ‘welcoming’ gay people  
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