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 Curtis and Barry's message is always the same, "My life sucks,

M: Lemme just stop you here. This is a boldfaced lie Jim and you know it. Out 
of the thousands of posts from us I challenge you to find ONE that says this. 
Both Barry and I enjoyed our time in TM till we didn't and we are both having a 
grand old time at this stage of our lives. (For me my best decade ever,)

What I find interesting is that both you and Nabbie consistently try to sell 
this idea that our lives are not good today somehow. It is more than just ill 
will wishing, you are making it up and positively asserting it as fact. Both of 
you doing exactly the same thing. You recently went off on a detailed rant on 
your fantasy that Barry and I are "unsuccessful." Nabbie clings to his fantasy 
that I am a beggar.

What is most interesting is not that you two are wishing us ill, it is that you 
are comfortable telling lies here because you don't agree with our opinion 
about TM and don't accept your grandiose claims of living in a higher state of 
whatever. You are making up a story about our lives with at best zero evidence 
and at worst counterevidence, and stating it as a fact, again and again. It is 
simply a cowardly, dishonest tactic and I object to it. 

Sam Harris has been dealing with people like you, misquoting him to make him 
look bad, knowing that they have misrepresented what he actually said. I really 
feel for him. His stakes are much higher than two idiots on an obscure forum 
making shit up. But the mechanics are the same. By consistently telling the 
same narrative, re-writing my life story to fit your fantasy, you are 
attempting to win by attrition. 

I have no doubt that if we were all in a higher profile venue where your 
bullshit could actually hurt me, as Sam's critics are putting him in harms way 
with religious extremists, you would both do the same thing to me. You are both 
dishonest, malevolent creatures, knowing that I have little recourse. It 
doesn't matter what I present as counter-evidence to your "story" you will both 
continue the same thing.

It does explain why you continue to try to pedal your story about yourself as a 
special little guy. Telling stories is all you guys got. And you and I both 
know that don't we?

Thank you Curtis, you have just perfectly and eloquently summarized, to a 't', 
exactly how Bawwy operates here at FFL and why I respond to him the way I do. 
It was brilliant.

 but look over there, look what Maharishi did XX years ago! How scandalous, how 
horrible, how beautifully distracting!!". As the bumper sticker says, "Same 
shit, different day". It is amazing, how, once their motivations are sussed 
out, Barry and Curtis become spectacularly uninteresting, and about as 
provocative as dirt. 
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 You're right and I have no regrets as I'm fed up with Curtis, the howler from 
the streets, pretending to have something useful to say about the Movement.

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 Just an ugly comment.

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 "Very Nabbie of you to slip in the poisonous "yet" when there is absolutely no 
connection or link between someone expressing their opinion here and violence 
of any kind."

 And Curtis claim to have studied philosophy. No wonder he ended up begging for 
cents on the streets as a reward for screaming and calling it "art".

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