You're aware that the rate of illegal voting  is down in the double digits for 
teh entire country, right? 

 In other words, there's less than 100 cases (probably far less) o f illegal 
voting documented.


 This could sway an incredibly close eletion at the national level, but would 
require advanced knowledge that the vote would be within a hundred votes or so 
in Florida. For any predictable result, there's no chance that the illegal 
voting has swayed any election more important than dog catcher, and that is 
being optimistic.


 IOW, you've traveled far into wingnut territory.



---In, <> wrote :

 The Democrats are desperate for more illegal immigrants that will eventually 
vote for them. These undocumented Democrats will sway close races in their 
favor and eventually cause Major states to go Blue.

 This will be a great Victory for the Democrats, unfortunately not for America 
as it continues to grow the entitlement society we are becoming.

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