Jesus Christ, what's going on here.  You responded to something I said! 

 Now, I'm on the spot.

 Look, there are times, when I can't figure out why Richard insists on posting 
what appear to be complete fabrications.  And sure, I would take exception to 
them, and would find them extremely annoying if I were on the receiving end of 
them, which I think I have been on occasion.

 But there are times, many times in fact, when I find him kknkowledgeable and 
very entertaining, and it appears others do as well, including Ann, in that 

 That was the gist of my comment.

 And for the record, when the discussion turns to details of Vedic or Buddhist 
stuff, about which he banters with others here, I generally don't have a clue.

---In, <> wrote :


---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 It's wrong, ain't it sal, just plain wrong, for someone to hold an opinion 
contrary to your own. 

 maybe you need to circulate more.

 Now what the fuck are YOU talking about? It's like being in a parallel 
universe with you lot sometimes. What Willytex wrote is not even remotely 
related to what I said. He isn't just holding a contrary opinion he's saying 
any old rubbish that comes into his head just for the sake of wasting the time 
of anyone dumb enough to read it. It's called trolling. What pleasure he gets 
out of it is anyone's guess.

 If he had a contrary opinion that was well reasoned I wouldn't mind hearing it 
but he hasn't. I say one thing, he says blah blah whatever go figure. It's him 
wasting his time. I don't give a damn.



---In, <> wrote :
 Gosh, you're a sucker. The guy is clueless and just writes the same old crap 
because it's easier than thinking. Anyone could do that, he doesn't even make 
sense. He's a brainwashed cult zombie. I feel sorry for him. Imagine not 
knowing what non-sequitur means! Imagine thinking that writing big words you 
don't understand and copying from wikipedia is going to impress people! Imagine 
spending all day trolling people!
 So what is the point of outlasting everyone? Maybe you just like wasting time 
too. Go figure.

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