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Well, my vote is to leave the thorn removing to the "bear" himself (-:
/The problem is, when the Barry posts an untruth or total distortion, if you don't dispute and point it out, some people might assume you agree with him by your silence.//That was Judy's position. So, for the record, I don't think you TMers up there in Iowa are insane

We are just trying to help him and a few others with their cognitive dissonance.

For example, when Michael goes online to say he's been practicing "Kung Foo" for two years in order to tap into the universal Qi energy source of pure consciousness - and at the same time, says you are an idiot to meditate in the dome.

Cognitive dissonance is believing two contrictory beliefs both at the same time.

Any statement when taken to extremes will always be found to be self-contradictory.

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Richard, I think of turq as a big bear with a thorn in his paw. Of course he's growling. And if we keep poking him with sticks, he'll continue to swipe at us with his claws. And be too distracted to attend to that thorn. Ever wonder what might happen if we ignore his swipes and growling for a little bit?
/Secretly I think Barry likes the attention - he makes himself such an easy target. We just want to know why he is posting all the cognitive dissonance? He can't seriously believe that his friends are "stalking" him on Facebook, when he made his page open to the public. Go figure.

 Sometimes you have to use a thorn to remove a thorn./

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        But it IS interesting to see how many people here are
        admitting that they're stalking me all over the Internet,
        looking for any morsel of information to obsess on, now
        that I don't read their posts or respond to their "gotta
get Barry" posts.
    /Now this is really funny - /a guy puts his face on MyFace and
    then thinks viewers are stalking him by sending him a friend
    request. This has got to be one of the classic cases of
    cognitive dissonance ever submitted to FFL.
    On 11/7/2014 9:05 PM, awoelflebater wrote:
    What is even funnier is that fer damn sure bawee has looked up
every one of us on Facebook.
    What you need to understand Ann, is that we are dealing with a
    guy that has a clear case of cognitive dissonance: Barry is the
    guy that thought he was outing my real name, but he didn't
    realize that I'd been posting using my real name for a year. He
    probably trolled to my place of employ to find out and post my
    name, but instaed it made him look like a stalker. Go figure.

    /Factually, Willytex can not be called //
    //"whacky little dick head" because 1) his//
    //real name is Richard Williams, 2) he has//
    //shown evidence of being a *big* dickhead,//
    //and 3) if you really wanted to piss him off,//
    //the names in the past he has reacted to//
    //most strongly were "Wee Willy Wanker,"//
    //"Little Willy," and just "Willy." /

    From: Uncle Tantra
    Subject: Re: Willytex's new name!
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    Date: 2004-01-24 03:34:44 PST
    He even blocked me and accused me of stalking him because I
    made a comment on a post by Dr Pete that bawee had also
    commented on. Imagine! Someone having a mutual friend on FB and
    the actually commenting on a post by that mutual friend.
    Incorrigibly outrageous - so much so that bawee ran around
    saying I was stalking him and he ballistically blocked any
    chance of me ever accidentally encountering him on FB. Little
    did he know he was doing me a favor.
    Yes, there is a God after all!


    Now if that isn't proof then I don't know what is. And it is a
    beneficent God, at that! Ricky, I'm liking you more every day.

Barry once posted an "Open Letter" to me on Google Groups. It's a clear case of cognitive dissonance because Barry is from Texas, but I didn't find this out till later when he went back to Houston for a visit and stayed in a Motel 6 near the Galleria.

This is really funny:

/"Willy, since fucking prairie dogs or whatever you do with your time//
//doesn't seem to fill enough of it lately, and you've been going out//
//of your way to associate me with Rama and thus with a big, bad//
//cult figure, I figure I should explain a couple of things..."/

From: Uncle Tantra
Subject: Open Letter To Willytex
Newsgroups: alt.meditation.transcendental
Date: 2003-08-06 08:53:26 PST

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