We love ya, Bar.   

 Oh, btw, since I presume you consider yourself somewhat literate, you may want 
to look up "stalking" in the dictionary.

 If you don't want to be "stalked" then try an anonymous facebook page.

 It was "click", "click", and there was the Barster, name tagged and all.

 I guess tens of millions of Americans are stalkers.  And egads, probably a lot 
of Belgians too!

 You may even have stalkers in your very household!

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

 No idea who that is, Jason...I don't DO Twitter. 


 But it IS interesting to see how many people here are admitting that they're 
stalking me all over the Internet, looking for any morsel of information to 
obsess on, now that I don't read their posts or respond to their "gotta get 
Barry" posts. 


 First Enlightened Jim admitted to having stalked me by finding not one, but 
two books to read about Rama so he could obsess about that, and then he 
admitted to having stalked me further to look for photos. Then he actually took 
one of those photos he found and added a caption to it to *prove* that he was 
stalking me...all while denying he was doing so. 

 Ann admits to having read those books as well, and to having email discussions 
with her fellow stalkers discussing the best ways to "get" Barry. Her idol Judy 
Stein used to admit to having done the same thing. 


 Now we've got Steve Sundur admitting that he's been doing the same thing 
below. This post that Jason is replying to must be his reaction to Salyavin and 
I wondering what *happened* to turn him from a somewhat intelligent person into 
a compulsive -- and rather petty -- stalker. 


 I guess all of this is an attempt to show the rest of us "Not having a life" 
actually LOOKS like.  :-)  

 Whatever. I still find it fascinating that my Yahoo Mail doesn't display 
anything from any of the four stalkers any more. Nothing arrives for my macros 
to process and throw into the trash folders I had so carefully set up. Given 
that it's only happening with these four, I actually have to suspect that God 
(or some other similarly made-up invisible entity) is involved.  :-)





 From: "jason_green2@... [FairfieldLife]" <FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com>
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 Sent: Friday, November 7, 2014 3:32 PM
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: There may be a God after all... :-)

 I wonder who is this?

https://twitter.com/TheWmolfieSmith https://twitter.com/TheWolfieSmith 

--- <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 Here's part of it Barry.  The other day, I thought to look at people's face 
book pages, that I had never looked at before.  I saw yours and I saw Richards. 

 On yours, there was a link.  Just a one click link which then went to a bunch 
of pictures.

 And I noticed that those current pictures of you looked nothing like the 
picture you have of yourself posted on FFL, and truthfully, I felt a little 
sorry for ya, and just haven't been able to muster the usual annoyance to 
comment on the daily dumps you make on people here.

 I am sure that will change but right now, just can't do it.

 Now, go ahead into your usual faux outrage about imaginary stalking.

 This is what you show to the world, dude.

 Oh, and I guess that carried over to Michael, to some extent.

 He lives in a strange world.  The world of the past, filled with all the old 
press releases of MMY, and the TMO.

 How can you really come down on a guy who seems to live for that?

 That will probably change for me too. (-:

--- <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

 I just noticed that the folders I created in Yahoo Mail to store unread posts 
from the people actively stalking me -- Ann, Jim, Steve, and Richard -- were 
surprisingly empty. 


 Maybe they've actually stopped posting their crap, I thought, so I checked the 
Post Count post and it shows that Richard is still the verbal diarrhea king and 
that the others still seem to be posting as much as always. So then I scrolled 
through the list of incoming posts on the Yahoo Groups reader (Neo), and their 
stuff seems to still be appearing there, too. It's just not getting to Yahoo 
Mail. Go figure. 


 I'm just posting this to see whether Xeno (who created similar macros) or 
anyone else has noticed anomalies like this, creating a difference between what 
arrives on the FFL website and thus is visible in the Yahoo Groups reader 
(Neo), and what arrives in your email feed. 


 Whatever the cause, color me properly grateful. 


 Whether it's <genuflect> God saving my macros from having to route posts from 
these four to a trash folder that I then have to empty from time to time 
unread, or some other cause, it's All Good. Praise the Lawd! 


 If it's really the work of God, I may even contribute to a Maharishi™ yagya 
just to thank the dude for his efforts, and for having the same taste in who to 
throw in the trash bin that I do.  :-)  :-)  :-)



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