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In regard to Orme-Jonhson, I was sitting near him once and the discussion he 
was having with someone had to do with data from the Maharishi Effect research. 
He mentioned that some other researchers wanted to see the raw data, and it 
seemed he was not going to give it to them, saying 'You know what they would do 
with it'. 

We do indeed know, they'd have a look to see what the hell is going on and blow 
it out of the water if that's what it deserves. Not letting other researchers 
look at what it is you've done to reach your conclusions is the very essence of 
bad science because if it can't be checked there's no reason for anyone to 
believe it. Especially as it's in such a contentious area. 

I do remember reading that they'd refused to hand over raw data before but 
could never find any evidence online, it would have helped in the many 
arguments I've had about the ME research over the years.

Just checking the MUM website, the universitydoes not have a neuroscience 
department. Fred Travis, for example, is a Professor of Maharishi Vedic 
Science, not a professor of a scientific discipline that are researching 
meditation at other universities.

Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science? It's like they don't even want to be 
taken seriously.

More likely it's that everyone was so guru-whipped that no one had the balls to 
tell Maharishi names like that were a dumb idea. 
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