That's a sticky question. In principle, scientists are supposed to make data 
available, but personality and agenda can get in the way. 

 A law or regulation was passed about a decade ago requiring that any 
researchers doing research funded by the NIH would have to make the raw data 
from such a study easily available to anyone who asked, presumably to address 
this very issue (personalities and agendas). The requirement also affects data 
in studies that never get published.

 That's why the TM researchers are REALLY conservative in asking for NIH 
funding, I believe.

 From the most realistic, albeit cynical, perspective, by the time affects have 
been documented over and over again via private pilot studies, published pilot 
studies, etc.,  to the point where  pro-TM researchers are pretty darned 
positive that large-scale studies are going to show that TM works well on some 
measure, they're willing to apply for NIH funding because they MUST be willing 
to show the data to anyone who asks.

 That's why the TM effects on blood pressure seem more robust than on any other 
topic. They were willing to ask for NIH funding, so they were already pretty 
darned sure what the outcome was going to be.

 The same reasons to be skeptical of  Big Pharma research apply to TM research 
is the take-away message -but everyone here already realizes that, I should 



---In, <sharelong60@...> wrote :

 Lawson, addressing the issue of raw data disclosure, do peer reviewed 
publications require this? If they do, then I assume Fred's research was fine 
in this regard. If they don't, then should they?  

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   Eh, Fred has a PhD in Physiology and has published nearly 50 peer-reviewed 
studies on meditation. The fact that he doesn't have a neuroscience dept to run 
doesn't say anything about his research, but is only  about what classes are 
taught at MUM.

 He's not a bogus scientist simply because he doesn't run a dept that teaches 
courses in his area of expertise.

 Head of a dept at a university is an administrative position, not a teaching 




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 In regard to Orme-Jonhson, I was sitting near him once and the discussion he 
was having with someone had to do with data from the Maharishi Effect research. 
He mentioned that some other researchers wanted to see the raw data, and it 
seemed he was not going to give it to them, saying 'You know what they would do 
with it'. 

 We do indeed know, they'd have a look to see what the hell is going on and 
blow it out of the water if that's what it deserves. Not letting other 
researchers look at what it is you've done to reach your conclusions is the 
very essence of bad science because if it can't be checked there's no reason 
for anyone to believe it. Especially as it's in such a contentious area. 

 I do remember reading that they'd refused to hand over raw data before but 
could never find any evidence online, it would have helped in the many 
arguments I've had about the ME research over the years.


 Just checking the MUM website, the university does not have a neuroscience 
department. Fred Travis, for example, is a Professor of Maharishi Vedic 
Science, not a professor of a scientific discipline that are researching 
meditation at other universities.


 Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science? It's like they don't even want to be 
taken seriously.

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