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 Modern art tends to be a turn off for me but this artistic installation 
entitled Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red has seen the Tower of London's dry 
moat filled with over 800,000 ceramic poppies (888,246 poppies to be exact - 
one for each British and Colonial fatality during the War) to create a powerful 
visual commemoration for the First World War Centenary. It's been an amazing 
success, attracting huge crowds, as it is both simple and moving.

 Yes and strangely beautiful. I think it is so easy to forget what has been 
sacrificed for certain freedoms and also for stupid reasons and because of 
power-hungry bastards who insist on making this beautiful world quite horrific 
through the need to dominate and/or fill their bellies with more than their 
fair share. I am not one who goes out to watch the ceremonial parades or to 
take much time to really give tribute to those who have suffered and died and 
lost. But this particular installation which is part art and part memorial is 




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 Look what they've done in England to commemorate the fact that humans insist 
on war and much blood has been shed. But also see how creative and beautiful 
this memorial to the horrendous losses can be. Stunning.


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