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Does nayone have any thoughts on Babaji? He passed ten years or so ago.
No he didn't! we played cards last night. He plays a mean game of fish. The guy you're talking about was not "the Babji" He was some other dude that other people labeled as Babji

Will the real Babaji please stand up? 
No, seriously though, the people that practice Kriya yoga totally reject this fellow as being their Babaji. I have read their arguments and they seem to be pretty sound. The Fellow in Canada, Govindam  or something like that , has written about this guy he claims is an imposter. It might be on his website.

It was always my understanding that "the Babaji" was a light body emanation of the Nath mahasiddha, Goraknatha, i.e. the revealer of modern hatha-yoga and pranayama. That seems to be what the Yogananda lineage is saying. Now this is a rather common name. Are other people claiming a physical human is the same Babaji of "Autobiography of a Yogi" fame?

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