She is one of those people who probably knew what she wanted to do, from the 
time they were three, with the talent, support, and confidence to pull it off. 
Rare combo - I'll be over here on the sidelines as usual, slightly drooling.

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 I've heard very little of her music, nonetheless, she looks like a very 
self-aware person, very clear and focused - probably took to TM, like a duck to 
water. I cannot imagine the grueling schedule, and the constant attention of 
millions of fans, while continuing to produce and perform, and at the same time 
remain aware of who you are, and continue an every day life, of getting fed, 
and rested, and loved. Not very many can do that, and survive, much less thrive.

 Must be an unbelievable ride!

 I've been thinking the same, you old devil.


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 Katy Perry is now the biggest selling digital singles artist in America.      

 Perry has two methods of battling jet lag.
 “One, my meditation, which I use all over the world; transcendental meditation 
really works because it’s a very deep rest and relaxation. And then movies,” 
she says."
 Katy Perry: Beating Jet lag and Australia’s help with new fitness campaign
 Katy Perry: Beating Jet lag and Australia’s help with ne...
 KATY Perry has the knees of fast bowler. About half an hour before she takes 
the stage for her Prismatic concert, an assistant brings in a heat pack that 
she ...

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