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I've got trains with oil cars on them passing a block away on a trestle. There is a movement to ban them going through town but I doubt if it's going to work being this is a refinery town that Shell owns.
/A local train derailment with oil aboard is probably the least of your problems. The gasoline that gets refined and brought in to your local gas station on a truck twice a week probably drives right past your house. You probably have better odds of getting hit by lightening than injured by spilled oil downtown. As long as you use gasoline and oil there are going to be pipelines. Go figure./

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Funny thing is, the oil will flow one way or another.Does it make it's way to refineries via a stable pipeline, one of thousands or by way of truck or train/. How many rail way accidents have we seen this past year involving the movement of oil?We see tanker cars off rail, spilling the crude, leaving a greater environmental mess to clean up, using tax dollars that could be used more productively.< Meanwhile, a female US senator is about to lose her job because her party and President refuse to build the pipeline which offers high paying jobs, so sorely needed. These protests, great or small, puts Republicans in a very good light, fighting for more jobs against a president and party who don't care how people live but that they just get their vote.< An oil glut means greater competition for petroleum dollars. Fewer *bucks* for Arabs and Persians that would use those dollars to do harm. It means cheaper transportation for us and our goods that move about the country and world. It means more money in our pockets to do the things we want to do like buying that new mantra or that extra jar of Amrit or a PK package or even more research on more efficient energy sources and production. We just keep shooting ourselves in the foot to look like we *care*.

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Thankfully there is currently a world glut of oil, which at least makes hugely expensive endeavors like drilling in the arctic, less profitable. On the other hand, having so much oil available also decreases the incentives to find alternative fuel sources.

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effective protest or not, I thought it was an extremely well done piece and made its point well.

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*/*/More Effective Protest? Ha, ha, ha. That video is not going to affect GDC [Gross Domestic Consumption] or decrease the emission of heat-trapping gas anywhere except proly increase the gross sales of LEGOS in the first-world this Christmas. /*/*
*/*/turquoiseb diverts :..create not only more gentle protests, /*but more effective ones, protests that actually work/*

Just let'em try to run that stinking global climate changing pipeline across the Global Country of World Peace here! They'll see a real fight then. I could empathize like with Obama in the position of our larger defense for instance having to send drones against such enemies out to destroy our rights and freedoms and our very way of life whence it would come to such an extreme attack like that on a way of life and a people. What was that old 1960's anti-war button, 'civil disobedience is civil defense of the country'.. to the barricades now to protect our green world. EarthFirst! That pipeline stinks of corporations.
-Buck in the Dome

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Just let'em try to run that stinking global climate changing pipeline across the Global Country of World Peace here! They'll see a real fight then.

Peace indeed. Do you see a contradiction here Buck?

*/Just more macho posturing from "Buck." Meanwhile, some people create not only more gentle protests, but more effective ones, protests that actually work:/* */LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome - Greenpeace International | Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152341707363300>/*

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LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome - Greenpeace Interna... <https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152341707363300> Here’s the video that was causing such a ruckus this week. After it racked up over 3,000,000 views, it was blocked on YouTube over a copyright claim....

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