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 Re "I don't get why consciousness is reserved such a pedestal just because it 
is currently unexplained.":


 Lots of things are unexplained. But what they all have in common is that they 
are occurrences we witness *in consciousness* - the consciousness of you, me or 
scientists. What makes "awareness" itself unique is that in this case we are 
talking about what is registering all the other (explained or unexplained) 
phenomena. How we make the jump from an objective world *out there* to our 
experience of colour, sound, warmth, love, beauty, . . . , is a question of a 
completely different order than those other queries. We don't even know what 
kind of answer we're looking for. 

 If awareness is fundamental or basic, and so irreducible to other facts, that 
puzzlement over how to engage with the issue evaporates. From the get-go, 
consciousness is the *inner* aspect of what exists; just as space and time are 
the *outer* aspects. (Spinoza)

 Re "All design arguments are pointless because they require all the potential 
intelligence and complexity in the universe to have existed before the universe 
did because God must know what he wanted.":


 I no-doubt misled you by using the term "design argument". That's the label 
used for arguments which are sceptical of purely materialist explanations for 
how the order we see arose. I don't think "God" did know what He wanted in 
advance! God is better seen as the Supreme Artist. He didn't know how things 
would turn out in future; He's adapting the artwork as it evolves over time 
(see "process theology"). 

 (It would take the discussion too far afield but you have to distinguish 
between "God immanent" - Who is learning as He goes along; and "God 
transcendent" - to Whom all past, present and future "present moments" are 
available and so He knows that all things shall be well.)


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