He intrudes unpleasantly, and sometimes a stick is all the bear understands. He 
referred to Seraphita as an idiot, as I recall. Out of the blue. Your standards 
for social interaction, seem a lot lower than mine, and 99% of the active 
participants here.  

 The other point is that wounded bear, or not, Barry is an adult in his 70's, 
and not the injured manchild you make him out to be. The rest of us must live 
in the world, too, and if someone that age, who should damned well know better, 
is behaving in a mean and childish way, I will let them know. No problem.  

 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <sharelong60@...> wrote :

 Fleetwood, simply support the people being attacked and ignore the attacker. I 
don't know why he goes off on Richard or John who I think are both bright 
lights here. I did think he was pretty civil towards Seraph. And I still see 
him as the bear with the thorn in his paw and you guys are poking at him with 
sticks. Doesn't help imo.

 From: "fleetwood_macncheese@... [FairfieldLife]" 
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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Barry, the somnambulist
   Pardon my French, Share, but are you fucking kidding me? What did jr or s3, 
do, or not do, that caused Barry to go off on both of them?? What has Richard 
done, that calls for the filthy language that Barry uses against him? You are 
going to have to do a whole lot better than blame the victim. 

 I don't understand why it is inappropriate to react to Barry as any normal, 
socially well adjusted person would? Why you want to protect him, from the 
natural results of his actions, seems a bit twisted, and no help to anyone.

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <sharelong60@...> wrote :

 Richard, I genuinely think that if everybody ignored negative posts, 
eventually they would stop. And it's possible to be supportive to someone being 
attacked without attacking the attacker.

 From: "'Richard J. Williams' punditster@... [FairfieldLife]" 
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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Barry, the somnambulist
 On 11/20/2014 7:44 PM, fleetwood_macncheese wrote:
   Honestly, I believe Barry to be incredibly naive, culturally 
unsophisticated, and with no greater than average intelligence. A perfect 
candidate for hypnosis, and/or mood-making, around all this levitation nonsense 
he has dreamed up. He cannot explain it, because it simply never happened. Poor 
 It doesn't matter to me what Barry does or thinks - all I'm responding to are 
the hypocritical and prejudiced statements he posts almost every day. Otherwise 
it's all just grist for the mill now - without The Corrector around to help us 
moderate these guys. 
 Seriously, it's not that I don't like the guy - I've never met him, it's the 
arrogant taunting and elitism that grates on me and the exaggeration, puffing 
himself up. 
 Plus, he makes himself the largest target around - he deserves to be reminded 
that he's not so special and he doesn't have all the answers. 
 The way I see it, my job is not to answer questions, but to question answers. 
Every statement, when taken to extremes, will be found to be self-contradictory.
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 How do we explain Barry's conviction that he witnessed Lenz rise up from the 
 Premise 1: The laws of physics imply that levitation events as claimed by 
Barry are improbable-verging-on-the- impossible.
 Premise 2: Barry is not communicating with us from the padded cell of an 
institute for the incurably insane.
 Premise 3: One in five people are suitable subjects for deep-hypnosis 
 Premise 4: Frederick Lenz was a hypnotist. (This seems likely in view of the 
testimony of ex-followers who do claim that Lenz could use mass hypnosis.)
 It's commonplace in hypnosis work to induce negative and positive visual 
hallucinations - I've seen Derren Brown convince someone that he (Derren) was 
invisible and that objects moving around in front of him were levitating - 
though we observers could see Derren himself simply lifting up and putting down 
the items. I can't see why a hypnotist couldn't persuade people that he was 
floating mid-air.
 That may not even be necessary: if Lenz was simply to give someone a 
post-hypnotic suggestion that they'd have the memory of having seen the master 
float - then induce amnesia of what was said during the hypnotic trance itself 
- the subject would faithfully recall the miraculous event. As 20 per cent of 
people are natural somnambulists, maybe Lenz selected from that group to be in 
his inner circle. Barry may not be naturally somnambulistic but as he's been 
into lots of weird shit he's probably trained himself to enter altered states.
 So I wonder if Barry recalls ever being formally hypnotised by Lenz?
 Maybe someone has another explanation?







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