I was reading an article about Amazon in Seattle this morning and how Jeff Bezos is a libertarian and we know how cruel that thinking is. it's sink or swim, "I've got mine and to hell with everyone else." Not only that you probably noticed that the previously apolitical software programmers decided that libertarianism was the "cat's meow" back in the 1990s. Society is doomed with that kind of thinking. It's very Dickensonian.

Are rich really that stupid? Must be or wealth has fogged their minds and they are one pointed about one thing: making more money even though they have plenty already. They are destroying society. Not that this is anything new it has happened before and regardless of what we try to do history just repeats itself.

The article on Amazon:


I was last in Seattle in 2007 and it has lost it's charm. Downtown looked like something out of "Bladerunner".

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The current situation is shameful. It is lying with statistics, based on an outmoded tax structure - Let the ultra-wealthy give something back, besides the minimum. The only reason that chart is trotted out, is to quiet those who know they are being screwed, and to appease the very rich.

How is someone worth a billion dollars, going to miss a hundred million or so? The ultra rich use a disproportionate share of the common, and they should pay their fair share, without any tax breaks. If they did that, and corporations chipped in their fair share, that would be good enough for me.

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    Yes, I agree that a larger safety net is necessary, and the bucks
    for that should come from the ultra wealthy who shirk their
    national responsibility, by evading taxes.

    /A new CBO study shows that ‘the rich’ don’t just pay their ‘fair
    share,’ they pay almost everybody’s share.


    Otherwise, we will continue to see the middle class disappear,
    and be headed for a second revolution, eventually.

    Part of the issue, is that corporate titans are seen as great
    visionaries and geniuses, instead of simply being true to their
    charter, which is to turn as big a profit, as possible, resources
    and populations be damned. We need real leaders, not Warren
    Buffet and a bunch of unethical salesmen, running this country.

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One of the ways of doing it would be guaranteed annual income. That's a safety net and keeps people from becoming desperate. In
    fact the crime reduction it might produce might pay for it.  You
    can look up the different countries implementing it and see how
    they are going to pay for it. Otherwise limit how much money
    anyone can have because we're seeing that billionaires are
    mentally ill and don't deserve the power they wield.

    Americans are so brainwashed with a Tarzan like "capitalism good,
    socialism bad" meme that its difficult to get any decent change
    and it'll just send us back to the middle ages where there are
    two classes the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor.  Don't
    stand for it!

    Nothing brings this out more than than the holiday season or

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        Yes, but I don't know how that would be possible. This area
        I now live in, was a paradise for the natives, for 3,000
        years - no inter-tribal warfare, and absolute respect for
        territorial boundaries. But, they had nothing, and lived
        entirely off the land. I like my tech, and modern life, and
        not sure how that would happen, without monetary rewards.

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        People sure are desperate for making money so they come up
        with their weirdest ideas.  If there is a future it's going
        to be VERY, VERY weird.  Just think what a nicer world this
        would be if people didn't have to worry about making money.

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