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 According to the number of posts downloaded this morning on FFL "The Peak" has 
had little effect.  And I took a "peek" at "The Peak" and Willy has set up shop 
there already. Go figure.
Seems lonely around here without any crop circle and UFO reports. I even went 
to The Examiner to look for a face on Mars but they haven't found any this 



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 I kinda figured this would happen. I've always assumed that most of this 
complaining that they were "driven away" from FFL and forced to migrate to the 
Let Us Be Boring Together group was 1) mere posturing, and 2) a veritable case 
study in lack of self-knowledge. 
 They just made a pretense of stalking off in a snit and being "persecuted," 
but anyone who has been watching the actual traffic here knows that the folks 
who left for the "gentle speech" group (and especially its founder) were some 
of the most volatile creators of vile-speak FFL has ever seen. 

 I always said they should be careful what they wish for. Without people to rag 
on they'll be bored shitless.


 My bet? They'll be back. (You'll notice that none of them seem to have 
actually unsubscribed from FFL.) They'll miss being able to get up on their 
high and might pulpits and dump on the people they don't like, and they've 
boxed themselves in on the new group so they can't do it there without being 
laughed out of Yahoo Group Town, so they'll do "drive-bys" on FFL just to get 
their rocks off by complaining about the people they feel superior to.
 Buck is just the first example of one of them doing that. There will be more...

 Why does Buck think he has to save us from ourselves? I can't imagine being so 
"up" myself that someone with a different opinion is "out of hand" and needs a 
higher power. Now he's got somewhere else to play that's so much better, why 
doesn't he just go?
 I reckon he'll miss us, or miss feeling superior about us.

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   Dear Yahoo-Groups Guideline Police: I have long pleaded for a higher power 
to come in here and help clean this place up. I welcome your arrival. Hopefully 
you can help us mediate and even help revive all that was once really good 
about FairfieldLife as a Yahoo-group community. I am one of the longest 
surviving original members of this forum and well know its ways. I am actually 
on of the few  FFL member participants on the ground here in Fairfield, Iowa 
and I should be glad to be of administrative assistance for you if you need 
help controlling this out-of-hand group. -Buck in Fairfield, Iowa   

 Dear RD;  
 Good Point RD, the ruse of these apostates trying to come back 'to save' 
people reads much more now like the harassment of a people who are otherwise 
comfortable having dealt with their own moral dissonances within their own 
community in their own terms to their own spiritual ends. Who are these 
neganauts to interfere with the internal affairs of others any way? It seems 
incredibly arrogant on their part to come in here and try to methodically 
disturb people's peace. It seems now quite a hateful and shocking harassment to 
use such defamatory language the way they do. Having learned their own 
particular histories as they have related them on FFL through time then 
sympathetically when considering these guys as sources of anything spiritual 
they are quite pitiable really. It is a shame that their abuse of the unguarded 
cultural openness of this community has allowed them to take over the flower 
that was FFL with their negativity and erode off our our more seasoned reasoned 
and experienced membership. -Buck in Fairfield, Iowa
 raunchydog wrote :
 Barry, your recent use of crude language and imagery for the sake of pushing 
buttons is just an escalation of your usual MO, which I usually respond to by 
making fun of you.  What I find funny is your delusion that inventing an 
offensive straw-man (offensive to any normal human being) in order to push 
"true believer" buttons will somehow expose and perhaps liberate them from 
TMO/MMY delusions. You never seem to get is how people respond to you is about 
your offensive behavior, period.  Apart from the fact that IMO you are a 
narcissistic, self-righteous, self-aggrandizing human being, your failed 
mission to wake up perceived cultists from *your* cult nightmare IS NOT 
WORKING. You cannot fix whatever hurts from cults you have experienced in the 
past by projecting unresolved pain onto others.
 Granted, implying the police ought to investigate you as a child abuser is a 
bridge too far. Let's just say you brought it on yourself and leave it at that.



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