I don't know what you are talking about Buck. Jim was one of the worst negative 
name-callers on the forum for years. The place is waaaay better off without 
him. Same with Nabbie. The post you posted on below is a blatant lie meant to 
hurt the reputation of another poster through distortion of his intent. It was 
way beyond trolling and along with Nabbie represented a line that should not 
have been crossed. I'd say he left just in time because he was escalating to an 
actionable level as Barry defended himself legally. And you seem to be going 
along with that.

Why? Because you are a name caller and a negative influence constantly framing 
other points of view in the weird language of religious fundamentalist 
ignorance. Your insincere persona is part of the problem IMO. You are not 
showing up here authentically, so I don't know who you are or what you really 
represent. I believe you yourself are confused and conflicted. I don't know 
what you deem "healthy discussions" but I have rarely seen you instigate or 
participate in one. You are a slogan slinger, not a careful thinker.

How about the discussion of George's overthrow of Maharishi's teaching? You 
heard the guy. You know what Maharishi taught. Do you believe that Maharishi 
and Jesus have not seen God? That is what he claimed in the questions. That 
NONE of the luminaries in his band of spiritual gypsies on the other side has 
seen God. So basically all GC is bullshit. Did you consider that as you put 
Barry and I down for speculating that perhaps we need another explanation for 
why George was making such claims than that he really IS BRIGHU? And this is 
all in terms of the teaching itself, not my POV on reality. You pretend to be 
such a solder for the cause of Maharshi's vision, but you can't speak up about 
a guy literally ripping the teaching to shreds in a public forum with old time 
Maharishi leaders high fiving him. 

And you think that Barry or me voicing our disagreements with Maharishi's 
claims are the biggest problem right now.

You are not keeping your eye on the ball "Buck." Rome is burning and you are 
watering your plants.

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Dear Rick, I feel really sorry for you that you are left with just this 
cesspool of negativity from the recent separation in the FFL membership. This 
is not what we had hoped for with the forum as we started FarifieldLife these 
many years ago at Yahoo-groups. It is not too late to re-think this forum as a 
place for healthy discussions to occur. I hope for a better future here, -Buck 
in the Dome

fleetwood_macncheese@...> wrote :

 Rick, I am sorry, but a forum where anyone is allowed to suggest sexual 
violence AGAINST children, is not someplace I want to be. I am truly sorry 
things have degenerated to this point. I am local to the Yahoo corporation, and 
am considering a detailed notice to the Yahoo administrators, including screen 
names, of this current activity. 

 Barry makes one excuse after another, about using this foul, sexually 
perverted, and unbalanced voice, and is clearly not well. This is no longer a 
healthy environment for anyone to participate in.

 I am all for differing opinions on here, but you have allowed one individual's 
mental illness to co-opt what could be a fun place to hang out, and I guess I 
am one of the casualties. See ya!!

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