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 Like you, I think that in the "thought experiment" situation I concocted most 
everyone would get along just fine and have a good laugh about their past 
squabbles. It would clear the air and FFL would be sweetness and light for the 
following weeks - before the lack of real human contact would bring back the 
cold sneering!
 Addressing the important issues!
 In the real world, anyone that calls the cops and informs on people would be 
ostracized from the community and shunned, and/or the rat would be forced to 
move out out of the neighborhood. 

C: I call bullshit Richard. You are not a Crip. If someone commits a crime 
against you your cell phone will be dialing 911 before they leave your 
property. And your neighbors would thank you for it.

 R: In the virtual world you might get away with finking on your friends, 
because you're dealing with fictional people posting under an alias. But, the 
same rules apply - unless the forum is populated with other informants who lack 
any kind of integrity or balls.

C: Standing up for yourself against cyber bullies using damaging lies to hurt 
your real life IS integrity. It helps make this a safe place for all of us to 
post and I thank Barry for helping keep this site safe for me to post on. Those 
two were starting down that same road with me.  Calling Jim Barry's friend is 
ridiculous. He was not just an opponent in discussions, he was an actual enemy 
who tried to perpetrate actual harm. He was stopped. You need to get your head 
right about this issue.
 R: Nobody seems to want to talk about Barry calling in the International 
Police on the forum. I thought at least one person would acknowledge this fact 
and want to discuss it. It looks like I was mistaken. 

C: First he didn't call them on the forum, he called it (if he did, I have no 
way of knowing what really happened. It could have been mindfuck jiu jitsu that 
worked.) on individuals who were trying to harm him unfairly and unethically.
 R:There's not going to be any "sweetnes and light" on this forum, as far as 
I'm concerned, until Barry calls off the cops. YMMV.

C: Come on Richard. Put your prodigious mind to something useful. This is 
contrived bullshit and you know it. You are acting as if you have a part in a 
gangster prison movie.

"Barry is a dirty rat see, and we need to enforce the code we live by. 
Otherwise the screws will get the jump on our cigarette smuggling. Lou, go 
upstairs and toss the leader of the Mexican's salad during breaktime in return 
for his group guarding the door to the laundry room when we make our move. 
Lefty, you go up to the guard station at exactly 12:05 and pick a fight with a 
guard. While they are distracted Buzz Saw and Little Nads will come with me to 
the laundry where our rat has his work detail. I need Buzz Saw to keister a 
shive up his ass till we get into the room. Remove the shive and for F sake 
please wipe it off better this time before you hand it to me Buzz Saw. Little 
Nads will restrain the rat by his namesake and hold him for me to do my work on 
him. When we are done with him, he will never cross the amerta code again see. 
That dirty rat."

Is that who you see yourself as Richard?

 Maybe FFL should have regular Skype-type conference calls to re-calibrate FFL 
members back to "fully functioning human" level . . . 
 There's only one solution to this situation: Barry must apologize to the 
entire group and leave the group and never to return. His name is FINK all over 
the internet. Do you really want to be his enabler, Seraphita?

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