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--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Michael Dean Goodman > Dear 
Fairfield Lifers,
> There's a lot of misinformation being bandied about in the 
discussion of this situation here on FFLife.
> Without making any judgments about either side, here are the facts:
<Big Snip> 
- Basically, he (Mike) seems like a guy stuck in the past, (Hmmm... 
sounds like a judgement to me.)
- living a bit of a self-delusion. (Oops, there's another one.)
- he seems to have lost connection with today's TM Movement (Hey, 
this is a GOOD THING!)
- and isn't really producing much real TM activity or TM teaching. 
(Hmmm... and the TMO is?)
- seems way out of touch with reality (Seriously, who's way out of 
touch with reality in this scenario?)
- Mike seems to be a loner; he could hardly get 4 other people to 
flying sessions (and most weren't teachers)  (Well now, there's a 
slap in the face to all the citizen Sidha's down there in Florida.)
- And where are his "thousands of students"? (Hmmmm... and where are 
the TMO's?)

Why is MDG so afraid and intimidated by this "self delusioned guy who 
is stuck in his past" that he finds it necessary to spend HOURS 
bolstering his ego writing this endless dribble?

Personally, I'm rooting for Mike.

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